mini-wooly the sheep

Bla Bla

Babies just love these very soft, cuddly, hand-crafted dolls made of natural fibres.  They are available in a wide variety of personalities, you will want to collect them all.  Your baby's blabla will quickly become their constant companion.  Both boys and girls enjoy the company of blablas.  The doll is perfectly sized for toddlers and preschool aged children.

We love the vibrant colors and whimsical design of Blabla plush toys, expert craftsmanship and extraordinary colors.

Handmade in Peru.

12" H  (305mm)

100% Cotton Surface with Poly/Cotton Interior Stuffing

Cleaning & Care:
Spot clean with soapy water.  Blot Dry.

Sheep  (Wooly)


Started in 2001, when Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two long time friends, went to Peru.  By chance, they discovered entire villages of expert knitterswho had been keeping the tradition alive for generations.

Inspired by their telents and gentleness, they decided to create their own line of knitted products for children.  They first started with sweaters and hats often with a finger puppet poking out of a pocket.  The collection now includes dolls, rattles, backpacks, tees, mobiles, and blankets.  In 2003, as the business was growing rapidly,   Joseph Strong, Florence's husband joined bla bla as a partner and created a solid business structure.\

"Working with the artisans has been challenging, inspiring, exhilerating, and hilarious, upsetting, at times, but never boring and always rewarding... a relationship based on mutual friendship, loyalty, and respect which has created a better world for all of us. Bla Bla takes pride in its fair trade ethics and genuine commitments."

Designed by Florence Wetterwald and hand knit by Peruvian artisans.  Modern designs come to life using traditional knitting methods.

Fairly traded.

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