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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is said, but there must be a whole lot of us who think the same about Erik Magnussens insulated flask from 1970 with the famous titling cap, because it surely is the most sold item from Stelton.

Everyone knows it, and who possesses it knows how to value the thermo jug because of its beautiful, compact design concept, the sophisticated workmanship and last but not least it unique titling cap.

This variant of the insulated flask consists of plastic and is available in different colour variants.

The prized insulated flask appears punctually at spring in light and easy colours as they spread fresh spring mood at home, in weekend apartments of in the office. They are a delight for everyone that likes colour and can’t get enough of the bright days of the year. The colours are perfectly suitable to the popular bread bags from Stelton that also wear the cheerful spring dress.

11.8" h x 4.13" w (300mm h x 105mm)

ABS Plastic, Glass filler

Light Blue
Saffron Orange
Pistachio Green
Soft Black


Stelton represents a very special view of the world around oneself - we call it "a Stelton state of mind": to believe in surprising, innovative, clearly functional and high quality Scandinavian design.

Stelton was founded in 1960 with the purpose of selling stainless steel hollowware like platters, salad bowls etc. A design policy was formulated in 1964 when the then administrative director Peter Holmblad established a cooperation with the leading Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. The basic idea was to create a true line of tableware where correlation of design between the individual items would always ensure harmonious table settings. The result was the now famous Cylinda-Line which was launched in 1967 and immediately attracted considerable attention for its serene and functional design.


Erik Magnussen

1970 in Denmark

Net. weight:
860 g

Brt. weight:
1010 g


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  • red
  • soft black
  • white
  • black
  • lime
  • saffron orange
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