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Designer Jakob Wagner has reinterpreted the typical bottle shape to create a simple modern Water Carafe with distinctive softly rounded, angular lines. The plain glass carafe is ideal for storing mineral and sparkling water, which can be easily transferred from the fridge to the dinner table. Once on the table a reversible neoprene wrap will help to keep liquids cool while keep this carafe looking cool!

The discreet lid opens automatically when pouring from the carafe. The lid holds back objects like ice cubes and lemon slices and provides unwanted objects from dripping down into the contents.

10.5" H  (267mm)

Stainless Steel
Neophrene Wrap

33 oz (1 L)

Black/Crisp Lime


Menu A/S is a family-owned design company established in 1979 under the name of Danish Steel House A/S.

The company’s visions of creating epoch-making, high quality functional design have produced a varied collection of classics and trend-setting novelties, now being sold in 40 markets around the world. 

There is a designer behind every Menu product, who aims to live up to the requirements of durability, surprise and multi-function. Menu A/S therefore only uses promising and recognised designers, each of whom is able to contribute to the development of the innovative design line which has made Menu A/S one of Denmark’s most successful design companies.

Jakob Wagner, 2009

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