anna g corkscrew


Initially presented in 1994, the successful Anna G. icon acquired cult status and generated a small family of objects between 1994 and 2001. Twist Anna's neatly coifed head and her corkscrew "arms" rise in a graceful salute.

Corkscrew in chrome-plated zamak.

2.75” Ø x 9.6” H  (70 Ø x 245mm)



Alessandro Mendini - 1994


For countless generations the Alessi family has been based on Lake Orta, in a narrow valley in the Italian Alps. The area has a long tradition in wood and metal craftsmanship, a tradition which Alessi has played an integral part in. To this day, the company's attitude is still rooted in a handicraft culture, and whilst it relies on industrial technology, Alessi's products are still considered works of hand craftsmanship. 

Since the nineteen fifties, the company has relied less and less on in-house designers, choosing instead to work with independent artists. This recruitment of outside talent has become typical of Italian Design Factories', and ensures that the designs are always fresh and innovative, free of corporate influence. To date the company has worked with over 500 of the most respected designers of international fame, from Achille Castiglioni to Phillipe Stark. The result is a brand known for producing the finest house wares in terms of the quality of manufacture and design. Their products are part of more permanent museum collections than any other design company.

Alessi mediate between the realm of art and creative culture on the one hand, and the world of consumer requirements on the other. In this way, each piece is a perfect fusion of beauty and function, an embodiment of expressive language and of expressive potential.

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