Urbio is Now At Jack + Jade Home

Urbio, the magically magnetic urban vertical garden.


Jack + Jade Home is proud to be the exclusive online Canadian dealer of Urbio magnetic hanging pot system.

The Big Happy Family by Urbio

The Big Happy Family by Urbio


As urban dwellers, it can be difficult to find space to exercise our green thumbs. Urbio is a magnetic system that will help us transform any wall or ferrous surface into a beautiful vertical garden.


Each pot is made of eco-plastic and is equipped with large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold almost anything to the wall. The wall plates are modular, and can easily be mounted to any wall.  Mount just one Urbio pot, or fill your wall with them.


Alternatively, each pot comes with its own individual puck that can be used to mount to the wall.  These pucks can also be used to attach pots together for a nice centerpiece.


Urbio keeps it fun and light with great names for the individual hanging wall pots.


The Big Daddy

The Wide Mouth

The String Bean

The Shorty

The Shorty



About Urbio

Urbio is collaboration between Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team. As designers, Beau and Jared have created lifestyle products for companies such as Williams Sonoma, Nestlé, Netgear and Clorox.They’ve won numerous design awards and are constantly striving to create products that will benefit mankind, Urbio is one such product.


Inventors of Urbio


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