Top 5 Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day


Moms ♥.  They are the best.  They smell good.  They always give you hugs.  They love us no matter how bad we mess up.  So why not show her the love this year.

Jack + Jade Home has compiled a list of the top 5 gifts to wow your mom this Mother’s Day.  She is going to love you even more!!


Five.  A Beautiful Shower Curtain by Kontextur

Blossom Shower Curtain By Kontextur

Showers can be dull and boring but with a dazzling curtain by Kontextur any shower can be fabulous. Starting with eco-friendly and anti-microbial shiny textured white bamboo, the skilled tailors from Kontextur embroidery stitch this intricate and large tree design onto the fabric, adding color, texture, and dimension to your bathroom.  Kontextur curtains are available in a variety of colours and styles.  Add a colourful shower ring by Kontextur to add another splash to the bathroom.  Mom will love taking showers again.


Four. A Spun Placemat by Chilewich


Spun Placemat by Chilewich


Mom will love this amazing new product by Chilewich: Spun Vinyl!  Gorgeous, dripped, random patterns emerge on each placemat or table runner.  They look delicate, but have the strength and durability of all Chilewich’s products.  Beautiful, durable and washable.  Liquid vinyl is poured through tiny holes onto a moving belt and then heat set.  Chilewich placemats come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.  Mom will be so amazed by these placemats that she will use them for every meal.


Three. Megastripe Throw Blanket by Walter

Megastripe Throw Blanket by Walter

Moms can get cold!  Keep her warm with the Megastripe throw blanket by Walter.  This blanket is perfect for throwing over a chair arm for a modern accent or using it to curl up on the couch to watch a movie.  Mom will love the cozy wool fabric accented with colourful embroidery stripes.  Walter’s collection of modern pillows and throwswill will wow not only your mom but yourself!



Two. Wine Decanter by Menu


Wine Decanter by Menu


Let’s face it, moms need wine sometimes to deal with the kids so why not make it taste and look the best it can by serving it it the Wine Decanter by Menu. The broad base of the Menu Wine Decanter ensures the right aeration of the wine and balance and ergonomic design are eminent and the luxury glass carafe sits well in the hand, whether you prefer to hold it by the neck or the base.  Prepare for a happy mom this Mother’s Day!  For an even happier mom check out the selection of wine and bar accessories from Menu to compliment this fabulous wine decanter.


One. Vacuum Jug by Stelton


Vacuum Jug by Stelton

Having coffee or tea with mom has never been so stylish.  The Vacuum Jug from Stelton holds your liquids and keeps them at the desired temperature longer and when it comes time to pour there is no need to pop the lid.  The famous tilting cap of the Vacuum Jug allows liquids to pour out without touching the cap.  Add a press coffee maker from Stelton to brew the perfect cup.  Available in an array of colours, Mom is going to love coffee and tea time with or without the kids.


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