Light Up Your Summer Living

Ah Summer. Who doesn’t love summer? Long days and warm nights on the deck or patio with friends sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas.  Once the blazing sun sets it does get pretty dark and hard to see your friends across the table.  Candles are alright but so last year.  Why not light up your summer nights with these amazing modern outdoor lights from Jack and Jade Home.  Your friends will never leave.  Prepare the spare room!



Luau Candela LED Lantern by OXO




modern outdoor lighting canada


The Luau LED Lantern by OXO provides a soothing light that is suitable for everyday use as well as special occasions. Modern, portable and cordless, the Luau can be placed on your bedside table for reading, or to create a festive atmosphere on the patio at your next summer party! The Luau also features a dimming feature that allows you to control the lantern’s brightness simply by rotating the lantern’s integrated charging base.


Lighthouse Oil Lamp by Menu



modern outdoor lighting canada



The Lighthouse collection from Menu is a real ambiance setter that can be used outdoors all year round.  These modern oil lamps are equipped with a newly developed oil burner that really lights up the night.  This oil lamp doesn’t burn with just a little flame, it burns like a fantastic bonfire.  Lighthouse oil lamps have a unique filling system that makes it possible to fill the oil from above, so there’s no need to take the lamp apart which will save time and messy clean-up.



Glow Candela LED Light by OXO




modern led lighting garden canada


modern outdoor lighting canada


These modern led lamps provides a warm, ambient glow that won’t blow out in the wind, or set the house on fire if left unattended.  The lights feature intelligent patented circuitry that turns them on automatically when removed from their charging pad and starts to recharge them the moment they are replaced. They will also light up automatically in the event of a power cut.  The lamps produce a diffused light, remain lit for five hours and can be used indoors or out. They take 16 hours to fully recharge and a button on their base lets you switch them off when not needed.



Hurricane Light by Menu



modern votives candle holders canada


modern votives candle holders



The Menu Hurricane Lamp spreads a cheerful light and atmosphere anywhere outdoors – on the garden or patio table or placed artfully in the sand when you gather for a barbecue at the beach.  The modern hurricane shares both its cone shape and materials with the award-winning Menu Torch, introduced last year to universal acclaim.  Withstands all sorts of weather, even below freezing.  May be used with small and large tea-lights, and may also be used indoors.

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