Urbio is Now At Jack + Jade Home

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Urbio, the magically magnetic urban vertical garden.


Jack + Jade Home is proud to be the exclusive online Canadian dealer of Urbio magnetic hanging pot system.

The Big Happy Family by Urbio

The Big Happy Family by Urbio


As urban dwellers, it can be difficult to find space to exercise our green thumbs. Urbio is a magnetic system that will help us transform any wall or ferrous surface into a beautiful vertical garden.


Each pot is made of eco-plastic and is equipped with large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold almost anything to the wall. The wall plates are modular, and can easily be mounted to any wall.  Mount just one Urbio pot, or fill your wall with them.


Alternatively, each pot comes with its own individual puck that can be used to mount to the wall.  These pucks can also be used to attach pots together for a nice centerpiece.


Urbio keeps it fun and light with great names for the individual hanging wall pots.


The Big Daddy

The Wide Mouth

The String Bean

The Shorty

The Shorty



About Urbio

Urbio is collaboration between Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team. As designers, Beau and Jared have created lifestyle products for companies such as Williams Sonoma, Nestlé, Netgear and Clorox.They’ve won numerous design awards and are constantly striving to create products that will benefit mankind, Urbio is one such product.


Inventors of Urbio


Bholu is now at Jack + Jade Home

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Jack + Jade Home is proud to announce our newest addition to our great family, Bholu.


Bholu is the work of Australian designer Jodie Fried. The Bholu philosophy is about creating beautiful products that we love and live with, while benefiting communities we work with along the way.


With designs that are bold and free, it is Bholu’s childlike simplicity that gave the label its intriguing name – a Katchchhi word, describing a term of endearment and also the naivety and free expression of a small child.


Bholu products are brought to life by traditional artisans from rural and urban communities in India. Each piece is individually hand embroidered or handwoven using ancient techniques, giving each product its own unique and original personality. By using their traditional skills, the artisans gain an income, hence independence and opportunity as well as keeping a traditional craft alive.




Part proceeds from the sales of the Bholu collection go back to the Bholu Anganwadi Project which has now built a total of 8 pre schools with Architects Without Frontiers Australia, in underprivileged communities and have several more under construction, which provides over 280 poor children with love, education and a nutritious meal.






The Bholu collection at Jack + Jade Home includes many great and unique items from beautiful linen and felt pillows to the amazing creatures that will amaze your little ones with their infectious personality and lovable faces.  We are proud to be partnered with such a socially responsible and fun company!









Light Up Your Summer Living

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Ah Summer. Who doesn’t love summer? Long days and warm nights on the deck or patio with friends sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas.  Once the blazing sun sets it does get pretty dark and hard to see your friends across the table.  Candles are alright but so last year.  Why not light up your summer nights with these amazing modern outdoor lights from Jack and Jade Home.  Your friends will never leave.  Prepare the spare room!



Luau Candela LED Lantern by OXO




modern outdoor lighting canada


The Luau LED Lantern by OXO provides a soothing light that is suitable for everyday use as well as special occasions. Modern, portable and cordless, the Luau can be placed on your bedside table for reading, or to create a festive atmosphere on the patio at your next summer party! The Luau also features a dimming feature that allows you to control the lantern’s brightness simply by rotating the lantern’s integrated charging base.


Lighthouse Oil Lamp by Menu



modern outdoor lighting canada



The Lighthouse collection from Menu is a real ambiance setter that can be used outdoors all year round.  These modern oil lamps are equipped with a newly developed oil burner that really lights up the night.  This oil lamp doesn’t burn with just a little flame, it burns like a fantastic bonfire.  Lighthouse oil lamps have a unique filling system that makes it possible to fill the oil from above, so there’s no need to take the lamp apart which will save time and messy clean-up.



Glow Candela LED Light by OXO




modern led lighting garden canada


modern outdoor lighting canada


These modern led lamps provides a warm, ambient glow that won’t blow out in the wind, or set the house on fire if left unattended.  The lights feature intelligent patented circuitry that turns them on automatically when removed from their charging pad and starts to recharge them the moment they are replaced. They will also light up automatically in the event of a power cut.  The lamps produce a diffused light, remain lit for five hours and can be used indoors or out. They take 16 hours to fully recharge and a button on their base lets you switch them off when not needed.



Hurricane Light by Menu



modern votives candle holders canada


modern votives candle holders



The Menu Hurricane Lamp spreads a cheerful light and atmosphere anywhere outdoors – on the garden or patio table or placed artfully in the sand when you gather for a barbecue at the beach.  The modern hurricane shares both its cone shape and materials with the award-winning Menu Torch, introduced last year to universal acclaim.  Withstands all sorts of weather, even below freezing.  May be used with small and large tea-lights, and may also be used indoors.

Essential Gifts for the Modern Dad this Father’s Day

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Dad. Pops. Pa. Father. Daddy. Old Man. Bill.  Whatever you call your dad make sure you show him how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day with a sweet gift from Jack and Jade Home.  Bear hugs and high fives will follow.


Refresh Charging Station by Blue Lounge


modern cellphone accessories canada


Dads love their gadgets and hate not having battery power so why not help him out with a Refresh Charging Station by Blue Lounge.  This modern charging station is for three or more devices. Compact in size and compatible with most of the new devices hitting the market today, it can charge two iPod/iPhones simultaneously while also charging a Blackberry and a bluetooth headset for instance. Dad will be charged all the time.



Alessandro M Corkscrew By Alessi





Appeal to your Dad’s sense of humour and his love of wine with the Alessandro M Corkscrew by Alessi.  This modern whimsical corkscrew will have Dad smiling every time he opens a bottle of wine but be aware he may like opening the bottles so much you may have to take it away from him along with his car keys!  Include the Anna G Corkscrew by Alessi for the perfect match made in heaven.



Cool Feet by Blue lounge



modern computer accessories canada



If your Dad has ever said “you should feel how hot this laptop is underneath, it’s probably not good for it don’t you think?”, then the Cool Feet by Blue Lounge will ease his mind while keeping his lap cool.  These little feet attach to any device allowing for easy removal when needed.  Dad’s laptop, along with his temper, will never heat up again.



Wine Breather Carafe by Menu


modern wine accessories canada



We have already established that Dads love wine so why not make his wine experience even better with the Winebreather Carafe by Menu.  Dad will experience the perfect glass of wine every time because this carafe perfectly aerates the wine inside and when dad is done drinking the wine the bottle attaches to the neck and can be poured back into the bottle.  Family gatherings are going to be even more fun this summer!



Spiderpodium Tablet Holder by Breffo


modern computer tablet accessories canada



Dad loves his iPad so much that you sometimes wonder if he would choose it over his own kids.  Unfortunately, he will love his tablet even more with the Spiderpodium Tablet Holder by Breffo.  This little bendable gadget makes the tablet stand on end or on the side with great flexibility making it the perfect accessory for any tablet fan.  Add the Spiderpodium Mobile to the gift list for Dads iPhone.  It may seem that dad loves his tablet more than you but you know deep inside your cred with him is on the rise.



Top 5 Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Moms ♥.  They are the best.  They smell good.  They always give you hugs.  They love us no matter how bad we mess up.  So why not show her the love this year.

Jack + Jade Home has compiled a list of the top 5 gifts to wow your mom this Mother’s Day.  She is going to love you even more!!


Five.  A Beautiful Shower Curtain by Kontextur

Blossom Shower Curtain By Kontextur

Showers can be dull and boring but with a dazzling curtain by Kontextur any shower can be fabulous. Starting with eco-friendly and anti-microbial shiny textured white bamboo, the skilled tailors from Kontextur embroidery stitch this intricate and large tree design onto the fabric, adding color, texture, and dimension to your bathroom.  Kontextur curtains are available in a variety of colours and styles.  Add a colourful shower ring by Kontextur to add another splash to the bathroom.  Mom will love taking showers again.


Four. A Spun Placemat by Chilewich


Spun Placemat by Chilewich


Mom will love this amazing new product by Chilewich: Spun Vinyl!  Gorgeous, dripped, random patterns emerge on each placemat or table runner.  They look delicate, but have the strength and durability of all Chilewich’s products.  Beautiful, durable and washable.  Liquid vinyl is poured through tiny holes onto a moving belt and then heat set.  Chilewich placemats come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.  Mom will be so amazed by these placemats that she will use them for every meal.


Three. Megastripe Throw Blanket by Walter

Megastripe Throw Blanket by Walter

Moms can get cold!  Keep her warm with the Megastripe throw blanket by Walter.  This blanket is perfect for throwing over a chair arm for a modern accent or using it to curl up on the couch to watch a movie.  Mom will love the cozy wool fabric accented with colourful embroidery stripes.  Walter’s collection of modern pillows and throwswill will wow not only your mom but yourself!



Two. Wine Decanter by Menu


Wine Decanter by Menu


Let’s face it, moms need wine sometimes to deal with the kids so why not make it taste and look the best it can by serving it it the Wine Decanter by Menu. The broad base of the Menu Wine Decanter ensures the right aeration of the wine and balance and ergonomic design are eminent and the luxury glass carafe sits well in the hand, whether you prefer to hold it by the neck or the base.  Prepare for a happy mom this Mother’s Day!  For an even happier mom check out the selection of wine and bar accessories from Menu to compliment this fabulous wine decanter.


One. Vacuum Jug by Stelton


Vacuum Jug by Stelton

Having coffee or tea with mom has never been so stylish.  The Vacuum Jug from Stelton holds your liquids and keeps them at the desired temperature longer and when it comes time to pour there is no need to pop the lid.  The famous tilting cap of the Vacuum Jug allows liquids to pour out without touching the cap.  Add a press coffee maker from Stelton to brew the perfect cup.  Available in an array of colours, Mom is going to love coffee and tea time with or without the kids.


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